Low Volume Happiness

I have been wanting to post about this quilt since I started blogging (you know, weeks and weeks ago, way back then).  But, I kept putting it off in the hopes that I could get some good quality, outdoor photos.  It really shouldn’t be so difficult.  I only need a couple things to make it happen, a sunny day and 2 quilt holders.  I think it’s that second quilt holder that has made things difficult.  My husband is always around and he can usually manage any quilt that I make, but his arms won’t stretch quite this far.  So I have decided to go ahead and post the photos that I have. This is the biggest quilt that I’ve made AND quilted (on my home machine), coming in at 85 x 90.  In all honestly, it was too big for me to quilt on my home machine and I had a lot of struggles getting through it.  I’m still very new to FMQ’ing and since I was dealing with a large quilt, I decided to keep it simple with a meandering stipple.


I made this quilt to go on my new bed in my newly decorated bedroom.   This was my first time buying a real set of real furniture for the bedroom, so I felt my beautiful new bed needed a beautiful new quilt.  I used the Sunday Morning pattern by Cheryl Arkison from the Book Sunday Morning Quilts.  She co-authored the book with Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts, which was the very first quilting blog that I started following.  Both Cheryl and Amanda Jean have wonderful blogs that I have learned so much from.


I had such a great time using up all my low volume scraps for this one.  My scraps got me about 3/4 of the way through the piecing and then I had to start “making” new scraps from my stash.  I think it’s safe to say that I used all of my very favorite fabrics in there.  My top 2 faves are the Heather Ross super cute goldfish and the siamese cat fabric (I believe that is Michael Miller).


Queen Scully, my oldest and dearest cat refused to leave the quilt in order for me to get a “cat free” photo of the quilt.  Once I was able to get her off……….


Nora decided she had a few things to say.  Kinda looks like she was saying them loudly too.



I had so much fun working with the low volume prints that I decided to make a couple pillow shams and a couple throw pillow.  I really am very fond of the low volume loveliness.  It’s very calming and I can always use more calming influences in my life.


Amy of Amy’s Creative Side hosts a Blogger’s Quilt Festival twice a year to coincide with Market.  Twice now I’ve watched without participating because I didn’t have a blog.  So finally I get to join in the fun :-).  There is so much creative happiness going on over there, please hop on over and spend the next 3 hours ooohing and aaaaahing and all the pretties.  I believe tomorrow is the last day to enter and then the voting starts.  I’m entering my Low Volume Happiness in the Bed Quilt Category.

Thanks for reading,


29 thoughts on “Low Volume Happiness

  1. I get such a laugh every time I open your blog and first meet the cat peeking through the sewing machine. Yep, they like quilts. Your quilt turned out swell; everyone deserves to sleep under a special quilt.

  2. Oh Mara, I am usually drawn to bold and vibrant quilts and wouldn’t imagine liking something on the other end of the spectrum but I truly love this quilt. It is so pleasing to look at, so relaxing and enjoyable. It doesn’t demand any attention but allows me to slowly work through its many wonderful fabrics whenever I’m ready. Thank you for introducing me to something new and different 🙂

  3. I absolutely adore your quilt, pillow shams & cushion. Your bedroom looks like a calming oasis. After seeing your beautiful quilt l just may have to bump a low volume quilt to the top of my ‘to do’ list. Sunday Morning Quilts is one of my favourite books – l love and want to make every quilt in it.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful and cat approved. 🙂 They are such cute kitties. I just discovered your blog while visiting Blogger’s Quilt Festival and will be following your blog.

  5. This is so wonderful! Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting blogs!!! And the Bloggers Quilt Festival!!! This is such a wonderful quilt…and I just ordered the same book a couple days ago…so this makes me excited all over again to receive it!!!!

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