Best Mail Ever!

Lia of Lia’s Handmades hosted a Fabric Scrap Swap on Flickr and I was the VERY lucky recipient of this lovely package from Mari-Ann (all the way from beautiful Bermuda).


I had my eye on this package as soon as Mari-Ann posted a sneak peek.  She tried to throw me off the scent by including purples and browns in the mix on the photo.  Those are my two least favorite colors and I had mentioned that in my sign up form.  Honestly, I don’t even remember seeing browns and purples.  I suppose I couldn’t see past the beautiful HR fabric.



I consider myself relatively new to this obsession hobby that we call quilting and I wasn’t “around” when a lot of my favorite Heather Ross fabric hit the shelves.  And so much of it is so popular that I would have to take out a loan just to buy a 1/2 yard of it.  So, I had pretty much given up hope of ever owning most of my favorite HR fabric.  When this swap came along I thought, “why not try?”.  So I mentioned that I had a fondness for HR.  I’m still pinching myself over how lucky I was.  You’ll notice in my first photo that Mari-Ann even made me a “too cute for words” far Far Far Away mug rug.  Such sweet fabric and a very sweet thought.  In addition to the HR lovelies, so many of the other scraps were similar to HR style or otherwise perfect for my taste.  And out of everything that she sent there was only one fabric that I already had in my own scrap stash.  This was a VERY successful swap.

I think my favorite part of the package was this sweet card.



Look…. it’s Simon stuck in a tree on a snowy day.  I adore this fabric and it’s another hard to get one so I’m unlikely to ever get my hands on yardage.  This scrap and this awesome card will remain very precious to me for a long time.  The card is such a great idea and one that I fully intend to steal .  It’s just some sweet fabric stitched onto heavy paper or card stock.  So simple, but very sweet when you tailor each fabric/card to the recipient.  Yeap, I’m one lucky gal this week.  I’m still waiting on my partner to receive the package that I sent.  I hope that she is as pleased as I was with my package.

Thanks for ready along,