Goodbye 2013

Before I say hello to 2014 and start talking about resolutions, I feel as though I need to say a proper good-bye to 2013.

2013 Misc Makes

2013 Misc Makes

There were lots of miscellaneous projects in 2013.  I participated in some fun swaps and met some wonderful women in the process.  I became a confident tote, purse and zip pouch maker.  And I became very familiar with Zakka style sewing.  I had a 100% home-made Christmas for the first time.  Every gift that I gave was hand made with love.  I wasn’t able to post about some of them because some of my family reads my blog, but my favorite Christmas project was the Owl You Need Owl.  It was a fun and easy make and it makes me smile every time that I look at mine.




There were also a bunch of quilt finishes….

2013 Quilt Mosaic


There were a few more than what I have pictured above, but I really need to get better at taking photos and keeping them organized.  The quilt that I am the most proud of is not technically “finished” yet (it still needs to be quilted), but I’m going to count it as a 2013 finish.  In fact….I’m so proud of it that I may just count it again in 2014. My blog… rules :-P.  The quilt I am referring to is Starfall, with all of it’s lovely inset seams.



All in all I would call 2013 a sewing success!  I gained confidence in myself as a quilter and I started seeking out projects that challenged me.   Bring on 2014!


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