Longest Day Ever

I love to quilt.  I really do enjoy every aspect of quilting.  Well, almost every aspect.  Everything except that basting part.  I know I am far from being the only basting hater.  It doesn’t help that I put off basting until I have 10 quilts ready to baste.  I have so much fun piecing and getting my quilt tops finished I don’t notice how quickly they accumulate.  Before I know it there’s a big stack ready for backings and batting.

Yesterday I decided it was time to catch up and get every quilt top (and a couple pillows) that I had basted.  It took the whole day, and a long boring day it was.  But man did it feel good to finally get it done.  In case anyone is curious, I spray and pin baste all of my quilts.  Quilters seem to either love or hate spray basting.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of “in between” opinions.  I’m a lover.  I use 505 Spray and Fix and  the only complaint that I have is the cost.  The smell is minimal when used in a wide open area.  I work out of my basement and there is plenty of ventilation.  Due to the cost of the 505 (about $13.00 a can) I stretch it as far as I can.  I spray lightly and then pin baste on top of that.  I can baste 5-7 quilts with one can (throw to full size quilts).  This method works great for me.  Since I have started basting this way I haven’t had any problems with my layers shifting.



It doesn’t look like a whole day’s work, but I assure you that it was.  Four quilts and two pillow tops ready for quilting.  I should have some finishes to post about very soon.  I plan to quilt the pillows and 3 of the quilts in the next couple days.  The last quilt, Starfall, will probably sit awhile.  I am still working out how I want to quilt it.

The best part of all that hard work was that now I have this….



Am empty box ready for a new quilt/project.  Hmmmmmm, decisions decisions……

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Longest Day Ever

  1. I definitely believe you that it took a WHOLE day! I don’t think I have enough pins to do that many at a time, but it sure would be nice to have them all sandwiched when you are on a quilting roll.

    • That’s the nice part about spray basting AND pinning, I don’t have to use near as many pins…. otherwise there’s no way I’d have enough pins for 4 quilts. I quilted my fingers off today and managed to get all but two finished. It was really nice to just move from one to the next. By the time I got to the second quilt my quilting was finally starting to look pretty good.

      As always, thanks for your comment! They always make me smile 🙂

    • It’s definitely worth trying. Maybe try it on a small project and spray outdoors if possible just in case the smell bothers you. You’ll have to let me know if you love or hate it once you give it a try. That’s a great thing to share at a guild meeting. Thanks for the comment and for following along with me.

  2. I don’t hate basting, but I wouldn’t say that it’s something I enjoy either. I actually just posted about spray basting the quilt that I’m working on and I’m on the fence about whether I like it or not. Like you said, it’s expensive and I think it smells bad, but it’s much quicker than hand basting. I do find that it gums up my machine needle just a little bit and I wouldn’t spray baste if I was going to be hand quilting.

    • When you tried it did you use 505 or a different brand? I’m wondering if maybe the brand that you used may have been extra stinky. I’ve never had any problems with my needle gumming up, but I’ve heard others complain about it. If you try it again you could always try a different brand and maybe don’t use as much and see if that helps. Thanks so much for the comment and for reading along!

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