ALYOF – March Finish

My goal for March was to design and piece a graduation quilt for my step daughter.  I was starting with some Cori Dantini panels and several coordinating prints.



I knew that I wanted some flying geese and that I wanted to make use of the smaller panels and the larger “Dare To Fly” panel.  So this was my first idea.  It was meant to be sort of a window making use of the smaller panels.


It turned out OK, but it wasn’t what I had in my mind’s eye.  And I really didn’t care for the darker solid green that I used.  I set aside the smaller panels for a bit and moved forward making my flying geese and attaching those to the large panel sides.  I really liked the way that turned out and, of course, I don’t have a picture of that stage on it’s own.  But once the geese were added to the panel everything fell into place.  I knew immediately that I wanted stars surrounding the panel.  8 wonky stars later and ……


Goal completed!  This was, without a doubt, the biggest goal I’ve set for myself and it really didn’t help that I went through almost a whole week looking for my “sewjo” (sewing mojo).  I’m very happy to have this one done.  In fact I was so happy that I was ready to keep moving and get her quilted this week, but I hit a wall when it came time to piece the backing.  I really have nothing in my stash that compliments these colors, well at least not in enough quantity.  So, I get to go fabric shopping….Finally.  I will be so happy when I get a job again and finish this fabric fast.  Until then though, I will be very happy to use one of my loopholes and buy some pretty backing for this quilt.  For quilting I was thinking an all over stipple on the white areas and maybe some echo quilting around the stars.  I’m not sure what to do on that large center panel/geese.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading along,



14 thoughts on “ALYOF – March Finish

  1. Interesting panels, I think it is lovely especially with the flying geese. I don’t have any suggestions on quilting but I’m excited to see it once you have it done. I have to tell you every time I open your page and see your beautiful blue-eyed cat looking back, just brings a smile to me.

  2. For starters I’d outline the girl and tree and blooms, add some quilting lines for folds on the skirt, then echo. But I’m stumped on how I’d relate it to the geese. Love the stars!

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