Fabriholics Anonymous – March Update

I realize I’m a day late on my March update for Fabriholics Anonymous, let’s call it April Fool’s.  I guess I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to admit to my epic fail in March.  I think a big part of the reason I’ve done so well with the fabric fast (up until now) was due to the fact that I lost my job in January.  No job = no money = no fabric.  That made perfect sense in my brain and I followed my self imposed rules very well.   But then the IRS was kind enough to give me my refund.  This is how the rationalization went in my head……

“I hate doing my taxes, maybe I should pay the nice folks at H&R Block to do them this year”

“Why should I pay someone to do my taxes when I can do them myself?

“Well if I was ready to pay someone else to do them why shouldn’t I pay myself?”

“Dammit, I should pay myself, I’m worth it!  And I should pay myself in fabric!”

So then this happened…..



Pink Castle occasionally has this awesome sale on a Limited Edition Secret Stash Box 50 Fat Quarter Bundle for $75.00.  I highly recommend it!  I loved almost every single fat quarter and it was a really good even rainbow mix.  There were 3 fat quarters that I really didn’t care for and I gifted those to my mom (who loved them!).

So March wasn’t so great for the fabric fast, but I’m back on the wagon now.  Hopefully I can go another 3 months before my next relapse.  It may prove to be more difficult though because yesterday I accepted a job offer (YAY!).  That may punch a hole or two in my no job = no money = no fabric strategy.    I hope everyone else did better than me this month.



8 thoughts on “Fabriholics Anonymous – March Update

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call that an epic fail. =) a penny saved is a penny earned. sure, if you’re still jobless, you could have used it somewhere else, probably. but you bribed yourself instead of paying H&R. I think that’s pretty savvy.

  2. Hilarious! And such pretty fabrics. I am still doing well on the fast, as I am pretty broke. I have had to purchase some fabric for customs, but none for personal sewing. I need to get back to blogging and document that sewing.

  3. congratulations on the new job — now you know your going to need to celebrate with some fabric. your bundle looks great and that’s much cheaper than paying someone else to do your taxes — I say at $75 you got out cheap, last time we used H & R it was $125 and that was years ago.

  4. Congrats on the new job and for a lovely stack of fabric! I only have done backgrounds on projects I am sewing on. I miss buying new pretty fabric!

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