About Simon (and me)

Simon is my precocious, part Siamese, sewing obstacle assistant.  He found me about a year and 1/2 ago, which happened to be shortly after I fell head over heels in love with quilting.  I’ve had cats all of my life, and have a few in addition to Simon right now.  But, I have never known a cat as intelligent and interested in my activities as my Simon.  Quilting and crafting is of particular interest to him (it’s right up there with playing fetch with the squishy balls).  He can be sound asleep and if I tip toe past him and head for the basement (where I sew) he is at my side before my feet hit the last step.  He’s gets terribly disappointed if I’m only doing laundry – as do I.  I keep a basket on my sewing table for the occasional kitty to relax in while I sew.  The other cats don’t visit the sewing area very much.  They get shooed away when they start getting into all of those shiny pretty cat toys that I sew with (ex: thread, pins, ribbons, etc).   So they have learned to keep their distance and go to the basket if they decided to grace me with their presence.  Not Simon, he’s always in the action.  It doesn’t matter how may times I shoo him away, yell at him, distract him with one of “his” toys or put him in his basket.  He is very determined.  He is especially fond of pulling the pins out of the pin cushion, playing with his fabric (the scraps from whatever I am cutting) and the flow of the fabric through the sewing machine.  You would think that after a year of this he would have grown somewhat bored by my little obsession hobby.  Nope, not a chance.  He is as fond of fabric as I am and I’m pretty sure that’s never going to change (for either of us).

Simon - A couple months after he moved in (maybe 5 mos old)

Simon – A couple months after he moved in (maybe 5 mos old)

I don’t believe that I am as interesting as Simon, but I should probably tell ya a little me too.  My name is Mara and I grew up around sewing/quilting.  My grandma always had a quilt or 3 in progress.  She machine pieced, used sheets as batting and hand-tied her quilts.  My mom could also throw together a quilt, but what I remember most growing up were the doll clothes and clothes for me that she made.  Quite often there were matching outfits for me and my doll.  As I grew up baby doll clothes turned to Barbie doll clothes and Halloween costumes.  The woman is crazy talented.  She always had a full time job away from home and still managed to make Barbie a new sundress.  Before I caught the bug I wondered how she managed it all.  Now I know she did it to stay sane.  Every minute sewing in the basement was happiness for her.  I get it now!  I was taught how to make a quilt when I was about 10 or 11.  I enjoyed it, but was busy doing “kid stuff” and it didn’t really click for me until about a year ago.  My only daughter had gone away to college and a neighbor asked my mom if she would be interested in making a couple quilts for a friend of his.  The catch was that she wanted them machine quilted and my mom wasn’t at all interested in doing that.  I suddenly had a bunch of free time so I accepted the challenge.  It was love at first swipe of the rotary cutter.  I’ve made many quilts and projects over the last year and started following a lot (way too many) quilting/crafting blogs.  The further I get into this ….hobby doesn’t seem like the right word (it’s more than that)……the more I thought that I should really start my own blog.  I really like the idea of having this digital record of my accomplishments (and failures).  I’ve learned so much and have been so inspired from reading other blogs.  If someone stumbles on to my tiny little piece of blogland and learns or is inspired….all the better.



One of my first quilts (with matching sprocket pillow)

One of my first quilts (with matching sprocket pillow)


3 thoughts on “About Simon (and me)

  1. Mara, I have been working on a quilt for a few months now and you have just inspired me to get it finished!! Next time I make one I will use the right tools for the job!! Thanks

  2. Hello! I came to your blog after seeing your gorgeous low volume quilt in the Hawthorne Threads newsletter. I love your cat photos! I have a mad young Tonkinese who looks just like your Simon – she’s destroyed several quilts I’ve had laid out on the floor mid-design stage (she flips the pieces around as though playing with a mouse). My sewing table is on her nightly walk around the house route, she has to hop up and poke her nose into everything. My old brown Burmese just wants to flop on my fabric and leave her fur behind. The cats wreak more havoc than my three young kids!
    Lovely to see a new blog! I will pop back again.
    Kate from Melbourne, Australia

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