Fabriholics Anonymous – February Check-In

OK, so a couple things happened that resulted in fabric showing up at my house and I had to create one more “exception” to my self-imposed rules, but TECHNICALLY I am still successfully fasting.  So first there was a swap that I had to buy 1/2 yard of fabric for.   My partner had made a specific request so I count this purchase as necessary.   I can’t really say too much more about that because I haven’t sent this item off yet and I don’t want to give too much away.

Then this happened……


I had nothing to do with this showing up on my doorstep, I swear.  I had mentioned to my sister (who also quilts) that this line had recently come out and that it was going to be one that will make it hard to stick to my fabric fast.  A few weeks later, like magic, it appeared before me 🙂  I did some serious happy dancing!  In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months the fabric line is Catnap by Lizzy House.  In addition to my fondness for cats in general, I am especially fond of orange cats and this fabric is just perfection!


This is Nicky, one of my favorite orange cats..  I haven’t used that lovely stack of Catnap fat quarters yet.  I’m still waiting for the perfect project to come to mind.

So, if you’re keeping score, I had to buy a tiny bit of fabric for a swap (perfectly allowed in my exceptions) and I received a fabric “gift” (also perfectly allowed).  The exception that I need to add is that it’s ok for me to buy fabric for others as a gift.  Because I kinda already did that.


My mom’s birthday is at the end of March, so this is a really really early birthday present for her.  My mom will be 87 this year and still quilts up a storm.  She spends most weekends at my house, where she has her own sewing machine set up, and we sew together.  Last year we both participated in the Virtual Quilt along hosted by Amy Smart at Diary of A Quilter.  When that ended she asked right away when the next one was.  The holidays kept me too busy to start anything new, but I finally found the next quilt along to share with my mom.  The Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along hosted by Amanda at Material Girl.   This is the first week of it so it is definitely not too late to join in if you are interested.  It took a lot of restraint to only buy these 2 layers cakes for my mom, but I was a good girl.  I already had a layer cake in my stash that I plan to use for the prints and I will use yardage for the solid.

All in all, I am going to call February a success!  And thanks to loving and generous family it hasn’t been that painful.

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Fabriholics Anonymous – January Check In

So far so good, but it hasn’t been easy.  I was doing really great up until last week.  I was staying busy working on projects that I already had fabric for.  I also signed up for several swaps.  I was pretty sure I would have what I needed  for the swaps and I figured that would keep me busy and out of trouble.  Then last week I got an unexpected order for a QAYG tote and the customer requested music notes on a portion of it.  I looked everywhere, but there wasn’t a music note to be found in my stash.  So off to my LQS I go.  Now, I did make it an exception that I could buy as needed for swaps or commissioned items.  And I did only get a quarter yard of the fabric that I needed.  So I didn’t break any rules.  But I sure took a long walk through temptation isle.  The hardest part was walking away from Catnap.  I love my LQS, but they aren’t the quickest to get new lines in usually.  I was very surprised to see Catnap on their shelves already.  At one point I had 4 bolts in my arms and I was heading to the cutting table, but I talked myself down from it.  I think the only thing that saved me was that they didn’t have a good sale going, that would have pushed me over the edge.

I decided that 6 (or rather 5 now) months from now I would like a before and after photo so that I can see the impact that this fabric fast has had on my stash.  So here are my before photos that I took the first week of January.



Yardage – The top shelf is charm packs and other precuts and bundles. Everything else is yardage that I can hopefully use for backings.


1/2 yard or fat quarters organized by color.

I consider this to be a successful month for me and I hope it was for you as well.

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