Triple Zip Completed

Remember all those swap commitments that I posted about a few posts back?  I am officially down to just one left to make!


I finished these little pretties yesterday.  Only one is needed for the swap, but I find it only adds a little bit of time to make 2 instead of one.   The Triple Zip Flickr group seems to prefer the longer flying geese pouch so that is most likely the one that I will be sending off next week.  I would love to keep the other one.  Aren’t those bikes cute?  But, she is destined for another package.


I have also finished my social tote for The Sewing Room swap.  Pay no attention to the clover clips.  The binding is now sewn down and the small item is made and all the goodies are packed up and ready to ship.  I will share more pics once my secret partner receives it.

So now I’m down to just one last swap, The Secret Tote Swap.  This is Round 3 and for the first 2 rounds I made the Super Tote by Noodlehead.   Any guesses what I’ll be making this time??  You guessed it, the super tote to the rescue again.  This time it seems to be what my partner would like and I aim to please.  It’s a fun make and there are ways to get creative with it so I plan to have some fun this weekend!  Speaking of Noodlehead, have you seen her latest pattern, the Roadtrip Case.  This is going on my wish list for sure.  Before that though I am hoping to try my hand at the Weekender by Amy Butler.  I have my pattern and I’m hoping to start one I finish the Super tote.

Thanks for reading!